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Case Study

IDP 15: ASIT, GaNTT, 100kVA/l

The Road to Zero Emission Vehicles

The Objective

The Department for Transport recently published the ‘Road to Zero’ strategy. Its mission is to put the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacture of zero emission vehicles and for all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040. IDP 15 will support this mission by funding ultra-low and zero emission on vehicle technology development.


Microsemi | E-Drive | Camutronics | CSA Catapult | Swansea University | CSC | SPTS

The Outcome

  • GaNTT will be instrumental in developing a sovereign ‘design through to system’ supply chain

  • 100kVA/I will generate in excess of £500m of manufacturing revenue opportunity by 2030

  • Performance improvements in line with the Power Electronics Roadmap for future power devices that can’t be met with existing silicon-based technology

  • Defence, Space, Oil and Gas systems will benefit from a reduced payload

  • GaNTT is a core element to seed the development of the Compound Semiconductor Cluster in south Wales, CSconnected, with the aim of creating 5000 high tech manufacturing jobs by 2025

  • CSA Catapult’s involvement in the project will be characterisation and project management.