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Case Study

SMART Expertise

GaNforCS: GaN of SiC for Connectivity and Secruity

The Objective

Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a compound semiconductor that is quickly becoming the technology-of-choice for many emerging applications and particularly for the microwave and mm-wave technologies.

The objective of this project is to exploit a unique grouping of south Wales semiconductor industries, CSconnected, to dramatically accelerate UK-based GaN development.


Cardiff University | Compound Semiconductor Centre | IQE | Newport Wafer Fab | SPTS | CSA Catapult | TT | Leonardo | MBDA | Arralis | IconicRF | Filtronic | Mesuro

The Outcome

  • Next Gen Tech: will develop high-frequency electronic devices for ‘next generation’ technologies – from 5G and radar to satellite systems

  • Supply Chain: working in chip design, fabrication, innovative waveform-based characterisation, testing and production

  • Higher Performance: will help researchers develop Radio-Frequency Gallium Nitride (RF-GaN) technologies to produce high-speed, cost effective higher reliability and smaller chips that out-perform silicon

  •  CSA Catapult’s involvement in the project will be supply chain development and characterisation.