Our values

We are driven by our shared values

We are proud of our open, friendly and inclusive culture.

Our values are collaboration, innovation and trust so everyone can flourish.

We bring academia and industry together in collaboration and innovation is central to our work. As a trusted neutral convener, trust is critical as we work together to grow industry, supply chains and clusters to help the environment, the economy and the communities where we work. 

Our core values

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A purple icon depicts a network of five interconnected human figures, each represented by a circle with a simplified head-and-shoulders silhouette, arranged in a circular formation on a white background. - CSA Catapult


We enable collaboration internally and externally, providing the flexibility and fluidity to respond to new challenges.

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A purple light bulb icon enclosed in a white circle with a grey outline, representing an idea or innovation. The light bulb has a simple, stylized design with three bands at the base. - CSA Catapult


To drive innovation in the industries we support, we must be bold in our approach. Innovation is in part about embracing technology and creating new solutions through thinking differently, so we encourage diversity in thought.

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A purple icon of two hands shaking, set against a white circular background. The handshake symbolizes agreement and cooperation. - CSA Catapult


CSA Catapult occupies a unique position in the industry as a trusted, neutral convener. Internally, we deliver on our promises to colleagues to enable stronger collaborations and mutual trust.

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