The HiCap project: developing a new UK supply chain for power electronic converters

Date: 06.04.2024

Topics: Net Zero, Power Electronics


The opportunity

DC link capacitors are a fundamental block of almost all power electronic converters, typically used in battery electric vehicles. This project explored the development of new technology to test and develop modelling for higher power densities and higher operating temperatures in power electronic converters. These devices are aimed at EV and other demanding industrial applications, and so, must be viable to economically manufacture in short lead times for low to medium volumes. If successful, this would see the establishment of an important new UK supply chain of a high quality, essential component. 

Our role

This project, with partners API Capacitors and Integral Powertrain, developed a UK manufacturing capability for readily scalable - in terms of capacitance and shape - thin film capacitors capable of operating at sustained temperatures of approximately 125°C. The Catapult carried out durability testing and data modelling on the new prototype design at temperatures and currents which are beyond the capability of standard technologies, and we used data modelling techniques that effectively simulate years of operation in an EV. 

HiCAP case study


The in-depth, extreme testing proved that the high-temperature dielectric material could withstand the conditions it was subjected to with minimal change to its electrical properties, which represents a great step forward for the UK power electronics supply chain.  

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