Thermal management

Date: 26.04.2024

Topics: Advanced Packaging, Net Zero

Thermal management

The opportunity

Technology breakthroughs

• Developing bond line measurements with the process engineering team
• Developing validation of thermal devices simulation using junction to case thermal resistance and junction temperatures
• Measuring thermal conductivities of materials such as silicon grease, graphite sheets and silicon wafers; 3D printed materials by a thermtest machine

The development of compound semiconductor applications is fundamental to the effective thermal management of power electronics. It reduces electrical energy losses in devices. This is a complicated process, especially as devices such as power modules reduce in size. 

Compound semiconductor application package sizes are smaller, which means thermal losses are much smaller and devices more energy efficient, with heat removed from them as quickly as possible. 

Our role

  • novel package architecture and modelling

  • active/passive cooling

  • novel assembly, and materials; thermal characterisation

Thermal management case study


Thermal management requires creating good correlation between thermal models and data measurements. The Catapult developed a digital twin of the process required to define the input data necessary to have good correlation in the thermal design. New capabilities led to a number of collaborative research and development projects. 

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