High T Hall

Date: 06.04.2024

Topics: Advanced Packaging, Net Zero, Power Electronics


The opportunity

The vision for this project was to develop and provide a supply chain for high temperature operation Hall effect sensors. These detectors can measure high frequency electromagnetic field switching for electric motors and drives, using a completely innovative Hall sensor element made from graphene. Until now it has not been possible to create monolayers of graphene suitable for electronic devices at scale, which has inhibited the commercial uptake of graphene electronic devices. 

In this project, Paragraf used its proprietary graphene material and subsequently processed it using standard manufacturing techniques, resulting in a fully packaged graphene Hall sensor product. The project achieved the aim of graphene Hall sensors working at elevated temperatures proven through testing in end-user applications. 

Our role

Paragraf created graphene that sits on a semiconductor wafer and is suitable for standard electronic device processing and packaging. We took this new graphene material and processed and packaged it using standard manufacturing techniques. 

We then tested the fully packaged graphene Hall sensors in end-user applications. 

HighTHall case study


The Hall sensors were used to detect magnetic fields and current levels in specific use cases. This has opened huge avenues for exploitation into the automotive market for graphene devices, and work continues beyond the project to facilitate this. 

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