Enhanced Liquid Immersion Power Systems (ELIPS)

Date: 01.01.2022

Topics: Data centres, Gallium Nitride, Net Zero, Power Electronics

A dimly lit data center with rows of server racks illuminated by blue LED lights, extending into the distance. Each rack is filled with multiple servers, and the floor has ventilation grates. The setup gives an organized and futuristic appearance. - CSA Catapult

Project summary

Project details

Total project cost: £3,380,351

Funder: UKRI (Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund)

Start date: 02/01/2022

Partners: Supply Design; Custom Interconnect; GSPK Circuits; Iceotope Technologies; CSA Catapult

ELIPS (Enhanced Liquid Immersion Power Systems) is a design-for-manufacture project aiming to build a UK supply-chain to deliver immersion and GaN-based technology across the power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD) sectors.

Bringing together Supply Design, Custom Interconnect, GSPK Circuits, Iceotope Technologies and CSA Catapult, the project aims to create a collaborative value-chain capable of delivering power modules, bespoke immersion components and sub-assemblies, services and IP for the future.

As well as addressing challenges in the automotive, aerospace and renewable energy sectors, the ELIPS project will firstly focus on energy saving systems for data centres.

Data centres use a huge amount of energy to continuously run and to prevent the equipment from overheating. It is estimated that data centres account for around 1% of all energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will look to develop immersion-cooled power modules for data centre applications that will support sustainable growth in IoT, smart cities and industrial automation.

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