Future Aerospace power conversion Building Blocks for High Voltage DC electrical power systems (FABB-HVDC)

Date: 10.02.2023

Topics: Aviation, Power Electronics, Transportation

Project summary

Project details

Total project cost: £10,181,162

Funder: Aerospace Technology Institute

Start date: 10/02/2023

Partners: TT Electronics Power Solutions; Safran Electrical and Power; Aero Stanrew; University of Nottingham; University of
Manchester; Mage Control Systems; CSA Catapult

The FABB-HVDC (Future Aerospace power conversion Building Blocks for High Voltage DC electrical power systems) project is establishing a globally competitive, UK supply chain. The leading edge technology will support a more environmentally sustainable, more electric future for aviation.

The project brings together domain and aerospace industry expertise, involving systems integrators, second and third tier suppliers leading universities and CSA Catapult.

FABB-HVDC aims to develop innovative technologies to support the need for smaller, lighter, more efficient power electronics and electrical machines for electric aircraft that operate at higher voltages.

FABB-HVDC primarily addresses challenges in higher voltage DC systems required by large commercial aircraft operating at altitudes of 40-45,000ft. It considers modular design re-use, system integration, fault tolerance, lightweight thermal and structural elements, multi-disciplinary analysis, smart control and monitoring, and overall efficiency.

Greater electrification of aircraft and aircraft systems will be necessary to meet global carbon emission targets.

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