Novel power module architecture for cost effective PEMD manufacture (POWERDRIVE)

Date: 03.04.2023

Topics: Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Packaging, Net Zero

Project summary

Project details

Total project cost: £ 400,000

Funder: Driving the Electric Revolution (DER)

Start date: 03/04/2023

Partners: Dycotec Materials; CSA Catapult

POWERDRIVE (Novel POWER moDule aRchItecture for cost effectiVE PEMD manufacture) brings together Dycotec Materials and CSA Catapult. It will develop a 3D printing process to improve the performance, reliability and cost of power modules and packages for automotive applications.  

The novel 3D printing process will use materials called cermet pastes to manufacture power modules for the very first time.  

The project partners will demonstrate the suitability of these materials for the standard interconnection techniques used in semiconductor packaging. It will optimise the manufacturing process to achieve better thermal performance and increased efficiency.  

The project aims to significantly reduce the costs of electric vehicle power module circuits by removing key components such as direct bonded copper (DBC), printed circuit board (PCB), thermal materials and metal plates.   

The adoption of this manufacturing process will helped achieve Net Zero. It reduces electricity usage and carbon emissions and will contribute to the reduction of wasteful subtractive etched copper by using additive printing processes.  

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