Silicon Nitride for Quantum Computing (SiNQ)

Date: 04.09.2023

Topics: Photonics, Quantum, Silicon Nitride

A close-up view of a microchip on a circuit board. The microchip is centrally positioned and connected to a network of glowing blue lines representing electronic pathways on the dark blue-toned circuit board. - CSA Catapult

Project summary

Project details

Total project cost: £499,992

Funder: Innovate UK

Start date: 04/09/2023

Partners: Wave Photonics; Oxford Ionics; University of Southampton; CSA Catapult

The SiNQ project (Silicon Nitride for Quantum Computing) aims to develop and establish a UK supply chain for integrated photonic components for trapped ion quantum computers.

The project will design faster and better performing devices to work with the multiple wavelengths of light that are needed for trapped ion quantum computers.

Trapped ions are one of the most promising approaches for building a scalable, useful quantum computer – it involves taking individual atoms, using precisely controlled lasers to remove one of their electrons and to suspend them in space to form qubits, which are then controlled at extremely low error rates using electric fields.

A challenge to scaling this technology to a large number of ions is due to the quantity of bulk optical components required.

As such, the ever-increasing complexity of these optical setups have to become more scalable and compact, which can be achieved using integrated photonics.

“Quantum technologies enable the manipulation and control of light leading to specialist Quantum computers that can enable important applications in drug and chemical research, cybersecurity, and healthcare diagnostics.

“However, these systems are complex and require miniaturisation and standardisation. Integrated photonics provides this route whilst also benefitting from the scalability of semiconductor manufacturing.”

Joe Gannicliffe, head of photonics, CSA Catapult

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