Silicon Carbide Inverter with Optimised Nano-modules (SCION)

Date: 01.04.2024

Topics: Power Electronics, Silicon Carbide, Transport

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Project summary

Project details

Total project cost: £8,711,600

Funder: Advanced Propulsion Centre

Start date: 01/04/2024

Partners: Empel Systems; Changan UK; RAM Innovations; CSA Catapult

The UK government has committed to decarbonising transport in the UK by 2050 and has policies for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy.

Mass electrification of transport is vital to achieving this goal. However, the UK’s supply chain for key enabling power electronics is fragmented. There is insufficient scale, resulting in key elements still being sourced internationally.

The SCION (Silicon Carbide Inverter with Optimised Nano-modules) project brings together to a collaboration of UK-based industrial innovators and technology developers. It will develop a UK designed and sourced innovative power module.

The consortium will also be supported by major global power electronics and semiconductor manufacturers.

SCION’s embedded packaging design for a fully optimised nano power module will allow the SiC MOSFET to perform at full potential. This will result in higher volumetric power density. It will increase efficiency and reliability not seen in the automotive market today.

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