Advanced packaging

Providing cutting-edge packaging solutions unique to the UK

We are experts in the design, modelling, assembly, integration and testing of advanced packages for semiconductor and compound semiconductor devices. 

Our in-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment help transform proof-of-concept ideas and prototypes into robust, reliable and efficient devices that perform to their full potential. 

Our multidisciplinary team has the know-how and skills to provide bespoke and tailormade solutions for your applications. 

Working in close collaboration with our radio frequency (RF) and microwave communications, power electronics and photonics teams, we provide a level of knowledge and understanding of technology-specific requirements that cannot be found anywhere in an open-access setting in the UK.  

Jayakrishnan Chandrappan

head of advanced packaging

“At its very core, advanced packaging is about getting a chip to perform to the best of its ability. 

“The package provides electrical interconnects, thermal management and protects the chip from damage. Without a robust and reliable package, semiconductor devices simply do not work."

Package assembly

We provide a comprehensive assembly process using the latest tools, techniques and materials that allows you to verify your designs, from proof-of-concept to prototyping.

We provide open access, state-of-the-art assembly equipment.

We have extensive experience of bonding techniques, enabling us to provide novel solutions to shrinking architectures, chip complexity and more dense interconnects.

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Die bonding


  • Advanced die attach – silver and copper sintering 
  • Flip chip bonding 
  • Epoxy die bonding 
  • Solder paste die bonding 
  • Fluxless soldering 
  • Eutectic die bonding 
  • Fluid dispensing and jetting 
  • High accuracy automatic multi-purpose bonder 


 Characterisation tools: 

  • Multifunction material tester (pull, ball shear, die shear) 
  • Optical tensiometer surface analysis 
  • High-resolution optical inspection 
  • X-ray imaging with CT scanning 


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Wire bonding


  • 3D chip stacking 
  • Multi-purpose wire bonding (heavy wire, fine wire, wedge-wedge and ball-wedge) 
  • Clip and ribbon bonding 

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We are the UK's first open-access facility with a sub-10 µm hybridisation capability and are one of only a handful of facilities in the world with this capability. 

This innovative process enables the 3D integration of two or more semiconductor dies through vertical interconnects, which is vital for converging diverse technologies in a package. This allows us to make interconnect lengths shorter, enhance signal and power integrity and reduce the size of the package. 

We provide a complete suite of hybridisation capabilities, from design and modelling to prototyping and process scale-up. 


  • 2.5 and 3D multi-chip packaging 
  • Flip chip interconnect – Au/Sn micro bump assembly 
  • Adhesive, soldering, thermocompression and ultrasonic bonding techniques 
  • UHD vision alignment 
  • Integrated scrubbing with formic acid cleaning 
  • Epoxy and sinter die attach 

Our expertise

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Power electronics

Power electronics

Our world-leading team of experts has the know-how, experience and track record in developing and commercialising high-performing power electronics devices for automotive, energy and industrial applications.

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RF & microwave communications

RF & microwave communications

Our radio frequency and microwave communications experts help optimise the performance and improve the energy efficiency of RF and microwave devices in future telecoms, space, defence and security industries.

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We are experts in the design, modelling, characterisation and validation of photonics devices, from laser emitters to photonic integrated circuits and quantum hardware.

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Advanced packaging

Advanced packaging

We provide a unique capability in advanced packaging for UK industry. We deliver bespoke solutions to the many complexities associated with compound semiconductor devices.

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