Power electronics in electricity networks: applications, opportunities and challenges

Date: 01.01.2021

The opportunity for power electronics in the UK

This document aims to outline these opportunities and some representative applications of power electronics, and introduce the challenges and lessons learned from recent innovative power electronic technology deployments in the UK.

The opportunities for working in the electricity network sector is set to grow considerably with further incentives from government to meet its Zero Carbon targets.

This document is only part of a longer journey planned to ensure the UK power electronics industry does not miss the opportunities to grow stronger in delivering electricity network solutions.

It is very timely that the UK power electronics industry uses its ultimate potential to be a major player in providing solutions for grid applications. It should be mentioned, although this document covers the UK project examples and opportunities, the grid application power electronic technologies are growingly recognised by all countries providing a much larger worldwide market opportunity.

In addition, the existing innovation funding mechanisms to support innovation in electricity networks are summarised in this paper. These funds can be used as matching funds to expedite developments of new technologies or change in applications by transferring the solutions from other industries e.g. Aerospace or Automotive.