Our expertise

Providing an innovation ecosystem to optimise and improve your technologies

We are the UK’s authority on compound semiconductor applications and commercialisation.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and leading expertise help solve our partners’ problems when bringing their compound semiconductor technology to market.

We provide access to cutting-edge facilities to test, characterise, validate and optimise compound semiconductor technologies, ensuring they are fit for purpose, high-performing and optimised for the application in which they will be used.

We are a trusted neutral convener; we provide impartial and unbiased advice to our partners.

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience from industry and academia. We help our customers find technical solutions to their problems, and even identify problems they did not know existed.

Our four areas of expertise — power electronics, photonics, radio frequency (RF) and microwave communications, and advanced packaging — are closely intertwined with each other, providing a unique ecosystem that promotes innovation and collaboration.

We are proud of our role in bringing industry together. It is this ecosystem that sets us apart from the rest, giving our partners access to a broad range of expertise to optimise and improve their products, or discover new applications and industries to exploit.

Power electronics

Our world-leading team of experts has the know-how, experience and track record in developing and commercialising high-performing power electronics devices for automotive, energy and industrial applications.

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RF & microwave communications

Our radio frequency and microwave communications experts help optimise the performance and improve the energy efficiency of RF and microwave devices in future telecoms, space, defence and security industries.

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We are experts in the design, modelling, characterisation and validation of photonics devices, from laser emitters to photonic integrated circuits and quantum hardware.

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Advanced packaging

We provide a unique capability in advanced packaging for UK industry. We deliver bespoke solutions to the many complexities associated with compound semiconductor devices.

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Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centre

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