CEO of CSA Catapult, Martin McHugh, Shares His Thoughts On The Impact The Catapult Has Made So Far

Date: 28.07.2021

We recently launched a new space on our website celebrating our Impact and Engagement since our beginnings in 2018. This Impact and Engagement space showcases our work and the impact we’ve made in areas such as net zero, future telecoms, skills development, international partnerships, innovation and research. CSA Catapult is at the centre of these vital areas which will enable the UK to become world-leaders in enabling technologies of the future.

CEO of CSA Catapult, Martin McHugh, shares his thoughts on the impact the Catapult has made so far:

“We’re at a pivotal point of the Catapult’s development, and we wanted to mark this moment by launching our Impact and Engagement website. With a little over three years under our belt, we’ve already participated in over 25 projects totalling to over £145m, collaborated with over 100 partners and built a team of 100 talented employees, all of which are things we’re extremely proud of.

“As we move into our next stage and our fourth year, we have a huge opportunity in front of us. CSA Catapult will be a part of helping to transform the UK’s electronics industry, with applications from advanced electric vehicles to remote monitoring of rail infrastructure.

“Within the next ten years our activities are forecast to generate over £500m gross value to the UK economy, as the companies we are working with grow their businesses. We really are at the forefront of innovation and we are excited to be a part of this next era of technology which will be powered by compound semiconductors.”

Visit CSA Catapult’s Impact and Engagement website here.