CSA Catapult Advanced Packaging Team Develop Unique Hybridisation Process

Date: 17.02.2022

Congratulations to the Advanced Packaging team who have successfully developed a hybridisation process to support the 3D integration technologies in Advanced Packaging, significantly improving electronics system performance, power, and size.

Hybridisation is the process of stacking and bonding semiconductor chips of various technologies into a single package. Hybrid bonding replaces the conventional wire bonding technique where chips are connected using tiny metal interconnects called micro bumps. The wireless bonding makes the interconnect length shorter, enhancing the signal and power integrity and reducing the size of advanced electronic modules and systems. As a result, improving the overall performance, power size and cost.

CSA Catapult’s Innovation Centre is now home to the Hybridisation Tool Femto 2 which can manage chip sizes ranging from 30 micrometres to 100 mm with a placement accuracy of 0.3 micrometres. This tool also incorporates pattern recognition techniques for the precise alignment and bonding of semiconductor chips.

This new capability, unique to the UK, will help to accelerate our effort in developing next-generation hybrid bonding technology and improve the electronic system efficiency. We are now able to offer CSA Catapult customers a complete suite of hybrid packaging facility- design modelling to prototyping and process scale-up.

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