Investing in Future Telecoms: Compound Semiconductors and Beyond 

Date: 03.04.2023

On Thursday 20th April, CSA (Compound Semiconductor Applications) Catapult will host Investing in Future Telecoms: Compound Semiconductors and Beyond at the Institute of Physics in London. The event will deliver an engaging and informative showcase that demonstrates how compound semiconductors can improve and enhance future global telecoms infrastructure. 

Featuring keynote speeches on Telecommunications, Space and Fibre Optics, panel discussions, company pitches, exhibitors, and networking opportunities, CSA Catapult will connect attendees with industry leaders and explore potential investment opportunities in the field of compound semiconductors and future telecoms.  

We sat down with Amar Abid-Ali, Chief Commercial Officer at the Catapult, to discuss why we are bringing together Investors, SMEs, academics, government support agencies and industry leaders operating in future telecoms.  

Why is CSA Catapult hosting this Future Telecoms event?  

An integral part of our mission is to support the start-up community, SMEs, and industry to accelerate the adoption of compound semiconductor technologies in applications such as future telecoms. We can do this effectively in two ways:  

Engaging with them on collaborative projects – either ones we are involved in or by introducing them to potential project partners.  

Introducing them to the investor community – we want to highlight the many technical investment opportunities in the UK by hearing from investors: what they look for, what are the red flags, what they have invested in before and why.  

Why Future Telecoms?  

Future Telecoms is a key priority now as there is a telecoms diversification strategy being led by UK Government to build new supply chains for the UK telecoms sector in the UK. 

As a neutral convenor, we want to bring the future telecoms ecosystem together. We already have a strong track record of delivering collaborative research and development in power electronics and we see significant opportunities for UK telecoms industry.  

Why should start-ups and SMEs take part?  

For startups and SMEs, we are offering a preparation workshop to elevate themselves and ensure they are investment-ready when speaking to potential investors.  

We want more startups and SMEs getting to know the Catapult – welcoming them into our network so we can involve them in collaborative projects, and highlight our capabilities and expertise, so that we can help them to accelerate their own technologies and capabilities. Then, the next step then would be to help them move into different supply chains or collaborative R&D projects. 

What will Investing in Future Telecoms offer investors?  

We can help investors through our deep expertise in the underpinning technologies and our comprehensive understanding of the future telecoms market. We are saving them time and reducing the risk, providing technical due diligence, to enable them to make the final decision on whether they invest.  

Our technical experts can carry out the technical due diligence before they part with their money, which again can instil confidence. 

Thank you – any final words to encourage people to join us in London?  

The Catapult’s remit is to accelerate the adoption of compound semiconductors to benefit UK economy.  

As compound semiconductor experts, we can facilitate the development of technical innovations, and commercial growth, because like I said, these applications will not be realised without them – they are the enabling technologies at the centre of future telecoms.  

Come to the event, talk to everyone – talk to us, and do not miss this opportunity!  

 Register here to join us in London on Thursday 20th April.