Meet the CSA Catapult Team: Callum Middleton, Materials Engineer

Date: 18.11.2019

As part of this brand-new series, we’re going to be introducing you to different members of the CSA Catapult team. First up in our #MeetTheTeam series is Callum Middleton. Callum joined the team back in August 2019 as our Materials Engineer. We sat down with Callum to find out more about his role and the impact he makes at the Catapult.

Q) What is your role at CSA Catapult?

I work at the Catapult as a Materials Engineer. This means I’m responsible for managing materials across all applications and ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of materials development.

Q) What were you doing before you joined the Catapult team?

Before this role I spent a year working in the defence industry. During this time, I learnt a lot and was able to decide which area of technology I’d like to specialise in. My interest in compound semiconductors has grown over the years so when this job popped up it was a no brainer.

Q) How did you get into Engineering?

I’ve always been drawn to Maths, so I decided to do my BA in Maths and Physics. Maths is quite a broad subject whereas Physics is more applied work. After my degree, I did an MA in Materials Science then my PHD in Physics. I have quite a varied background, I’ve also worked in diamond and electronics compound semiconductors.

Q) You’ve been elected to speak at IMAPS-UK Microelectronics Packaging for Harsh Environments conference on 28th November. What will you be speaking about?

My session will be focused on ‘Heat Spreading in High Power Density Electronics’. I have been to a few conferences like this, but it will be my first time speaking at an IMAPS conference so I’m really looking forward to it.

Q) Tell us something surprising about yourself.

This year I went to the Rugby World Cup in Japan. That’s pretty cool, right?

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