What The Great Place To Work® 2021 Best Workplaces™ Award Means To Us

Date: 11.05.2021

CSA Catapult 2021 UK Best Workplaces

Last month, CSA Catapult announced its place on the Great Place to Work® 2021 Best Workplaces™ list. CSA Catapult joined 183 UK-based organisations who had been recognised by its employees and Great Place to Work® as an organisation that promotes a healthy workplace culture through trust, pride and camaraderie during the Coronavirus pandemic.

CSA Catapult HR Director, Clare Gunning, shares her thoughts on the award and tells us what it means to the Catapult:

"I am so pleased to share the news that CSA Catapult has been recognised as one of 2021's Best Workplaces by Great Place to Work®. We’d like to say a big thank you to our employees who took part in our staff survey and had a part to play in us being recognised for this award.

A few months ago, we conducted a staff survey to gain feedback on important areas within the organisation. Gathering feedback on our culture, the way we operate and perform is an essential part of growth. We are always looking for ways to improve and do things more effectively.

Despite 2020 being a challenging year, we were delighted to achieve positive stats from the survey such as 93% of employees saying they were proud to work at CSA Catapult. As well as this, our strengths from the survey included ‘communication’ and ‘work-life balance’ and 88% of employees said they were kept informed about important changes or issues, 8% above the average score. 

Taking part in the Great Place to Work® survey was important to us to help gain a better understanding of how our employees are feeling and areas we can improve. At CSA Catapult our internal culture is key to how we perform. The way we view culture is a direction of travel, it’s never static, it’s either improving or not. We feel it’s important to constantly monitor our culture and behaviours to ensure they’re both heading in the right direction. The Great Place to Work® survey has allowed us to recognise our successes as an organisation and focus on areas that require some improvement.

Two of our core values at CSA Catapult are ‘Trust’ and ‘Collaboration’ and these were highlighted in our survey results as positive areas within the company. As we look forward to a post-covid world, I am especially proud of our team for the way they have conducted themselves and worked over the past year showing so much resilience. Thank you for allowing us to be one of the UK’s 2021 Best Workplaces!"

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