The CSA Catapult aims to bridge the gap between companies developing novel semiconductor materials, topologies and devices, and those developing systems for end-user applications.

So, if you’re a business already working in the supply chain with some idea of how compound semiconductors can help then get in touch to find out more about what the CSA Catapult can do for your company.

Or if you’re an organisation working in industry areas where compound semiconductors can have a significant impact – such as health, energy, defence and security, digital or space – but perhaps not aware of what the impact is or how the CSA Catapult can help, then please contact us to find out more about us and how we can help you.

How can we help you?

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Explore how our laboratories, engineering expertise and specialist equipment can help your company to demonstrate the market-readiness of new products, via the links below:

  • For power electronics, please click here.
  • For radio frequency/microwave, please click here.
  • For photonics, please click here.

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Universal assistance

We intend to offer our stakeholders, particularly businesses, a universal level of support to include signposting, opportunities to collaborate, and advice on funding routes.

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Collaborative working

If you have an idea, or you need advice on how compound semiconductors could help your business, the CSA Catapult can provide access to independent, trusted expertise, engineers and scientists.

Your business can engage with us at the CSA Catapult, either alone or with other companies, pooling resources to reduce costs and overcome common issues.

Working together can also bring opportunities to work on ongoing projects either under CSA Catapult control or with associates through public funding calls from bodies such as Innovate UK.

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Commercial support

The CSA Catapult will also provide commercial support to the sector where gaps exist in the marketplace and where the Catapult holds unique skills.

This support could give you access to research, services, insight and technical or commercial validation, all designed to accelerate your product’s journey to market.

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