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Case Study


Energy Efficient Infrastructure Monitoring Railways

The Objective

The Spectrail project will develop a set of distributed self-powered discrete sensors that will interface with existing trackside optical fibre infrastructure providing telemetry over 15 km of fibre. Impact – Demonstration of an intelligent infrastructure that is low-cost, fast to fit, maintenance-free and can incorporate multiple sensing technologies at lower total cost of ownership with minimum disruption to the rail line.


AP Sensing | CSA Catapult | Lightricity | Pyreos | Network Rail

The Outcome

  • Industry lead by AP Sensing, incorporating 5 partners

  • Efficient: will reduce delays due to copper cable theft currently at 50-60,000 hours per year = 42 days per year

  • Expansive: will be implemented across 18,000km of overhead fibre cables

  • Field trials at Network Rail Melton in February-March 2020

  • Predict-and-prevent maintenance strategy across many asset types, which can be passed directly to rail users.

  • Less disruption to travel due to intelligent rail technology

  • More efficient way to maintain tracks and rail assets

  • CSA Catapult’s involvement in the project will be sensor integration and data transmission.