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We help develop new and exciting compound semiconductor applications to make the UK a global leader in this technology.

We want to grow industry, supply chains and clusters to help the environment, the economy and the communities where we work.

We are a world-leading team of experts with the know-how, experience and track record in developing and commercialising compound semiconductor technologies and applications. We help companies de-risk and optimise their technology, support our ecosystem and build industry.

We have created an open, friendly and inclusive culture at CSA Catapult. We’re passionate about the power of compound semiconductors to deliver technology that enables people to connect, explore and thrive.

We are passionate about solving our customers’ problems, so that they can de-risk or optimise their products and bring them to market more quickly.

Being at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, innovation is the driving force of our organisation, whatever your role.

We place huge value on a growth mindset. We encourage our employees to take ownership, try new things and learn from their successes and failures.

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We have wide range of opportunities across the organisation. We employ a diverse mix of people with different backgrounds, experiences and skillsets.  

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Our values

To deliver our vision, we employ the very best people to help us create a culture that is built on our values of collaboration, innovation and trust.   

Our values guide the way we work internally with our colleagues and externally with our partners. 

Our values


We enable collaboration internally and externally, providing the flexibility and fluidity to respond to new challenges.



To drive innovation in the industries we support, we must be bold in our approach. Innovation is in part about embracing technology and creating new solutions through thinking differently, so we encourage diversity in thought.


CSA Catapult occupies a unique position in the industry as a trusted, neutral convener. Internally, we deliver on our promises to colleagues to enable stronger collaborations and mutual trust.

Our team

We are a team of experienced and talented individuals with a passion for helping others and accelerating the development of compound semiconductors for the benefit of society. 

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"CSA Catapult is a great place to work because it has some of the highest quality tech, equipment and labs, and some of the brightest minds in the industry."

Alex Leadley, skills academy manager

"CSA Catapult is such a unique place to work. I love how there is a mixture of collaborations from small businesses to Tier 1 companies and universities.

"It is great to see a tangible impact on the projects we work on, and the Catapult is very active in outreach programs. Motivating the future generation of semiconductor engineers is a vital cause."

Meghna De, process design engineer

"I wanted to join CSA Catapult because of its reputation for fostering a collaborative, innovative and dynamic work environment. Now I get the opportunity to contribute to a team that consistently pushes boundaries and drives meaningful change in the UK industry every day.

"What I enjoy most about working here is the vibrant atmosphere of continuous learning and growth. The organisation encourages individuals to take in new challenges, explore their passions, and expand their skill sets. Being part of a company that invests in its employees' futures motivates me to perform at my best and makes me feel proud."

Navid Rasekh, associate power electronics engineer

"Originally, I wanted to work at the Catapult because I was attracted to the technology. Working at a company who is at the cutting edge and attempting to solve difficult real-world problems in the compound semiconductor space was exciting to me. It felt like a company where I could make a difference and leverage my skillset to help others meet those goals.

"Now I get to work in an organisation full of smart people from all over the world, working together to deliver technological breakthroughs. It’s inspiring to be around that. And personally, in my role, I get the time, freedom and budget to do things the right way. There is a real focus on delivering excellence in an environment which supports you to do that."

Ashley Dukes, IT manager

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