CEO Summary

Welcome to the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult. We are focused on helping the compound semiconductor industry exploit advances in technologies, bringing applications to life.

Stephen Doran

We have worked with more than 150 businesses to develop our plans for the Catapult. They have told us of the challenges which prevent the greater adoption of compound semiconductors and our strategy has been developed to respond to these challenges.

Soon we will open an impressive Innovation Centre within the world’s premier compound semiconductor cluster in south Wales. Housing a design studio, laboratories and test facilities, supported by simulation and modelling tools and advanced capabilities, it will help companies to accelerate the development of new products using compound semiconductors.

We will be designing and manufacturing a series of Evaluation Modules (EVMs) and making them widely available. Our EVMs will allow companies to more rapidly prototype systems across different application areas.

Let's Take A Glimpse Into The Future

Imagine a car no longer sits on your drive but arrives driverless at your call. The journey is powered by renewable energy. This same source keeps your home working, while a smart grid ensures the right amount of power is delivered.

Everything is connected by lightning-fast 5G communications, from your energy meter to your fridge, washing machine, super-fast computer and television. Augmented and virtual reality bring the outside world indoors. A gesture is all you need to work a phone.

New devices and scanners spot illness more quickly, ensuring you receive the right treatment at the right time. Wearable devices monitor vital systems, communicating with health professionals and making sure treatments are delivered and up to date.

Compound semiconductors – much faster and more efficient than their predecessors – will be at the heart of the devices that power this revolution, generating considerable benefit not only for the UK electronics sector but also for UK industries that apply them.

We Want Products Of The Future To Be Delivered By UK Companies

We want UK-based businesses to deliver the new products and services of the future and to take advantage of world-class research in this country.

Our aim is to grow the number of UK companies successfully using compound semiconductor devices, and to see economic growth as a result. This will drive growth in the UK electronics sector, keeping more companies ahead of international competition and creating new high-skill jobs in the businesses they supply.

The Catapult’s mission is to create a nexus with the mix of expertise, skills, facilities, equipment and collaborations needed for UK businesses to shape the markets of the future and deliver the new products, processes and services.

Investments So Far Have Created A World-Leading Research Base

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has invested £750 million in research into the compound semiconductor and its applications: power electronics, radio frequency and photonics over the last decade. Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, made targeted investments of £4 million in compound semiconductor applications in 2016.

These investments have created a substantial and world-leading research base, including a cluster of organisations and businesses in south Wales.

The south Wales cluster includes the Future Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub, the Compound Semiconductor Centre and the Institute for Compound Semiconductors. The centres are conducting research on the wafers and die on which compound semiconductor devices are based and are piloting production methods.

Global Opportunities Are Large

Analysts estimate the global market for compound semiconductors will grow from $66 billion today to $308 billion by 2030, a growth rate 3 times faster than silicon. A 3% rise in our share of the market would be worth more than $9 billion by 2030.

Thousands of companies could grow and thrive with the right support.

The UK has more than 100 companies actively working with compound semiconductor devices. Around 5,000 UK companies, 90% of which are SMEs, are designing and making electronic components, devices, systems and products. These companies could grow if they have support in applying our leading research into compound semiconductor devices.

To download our brochure, Launching the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult, click here.