CSA Catapult’s power electronics lab – UK leader in modelling, characterisation, integration and validation facilities

Date: 06.04.2024

Topics: Net Zero, Power Electronics

Power Electronics

The opportunity

When CSA Catapult was set up in 2018, the first key market identified was vehicle electrification, with predicted significant growth in demand for power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD) to deliver electrification of the transport sector. Globally, according to market research we commissioned, the estimated power electronics and transport market would reach $18.1 billion by 2023. Power electronics will help accelerate development of new technology for battery electric vehicles, as they are used to control the flow of power and ensure stability and reliability, allowing for more efficient and effective energy management. 

Our role

To support UK industry, the Catapult invested in power electronics equipment. Since then, we have developed the capability and know-how to support companies developing power electronics converters. 

The Catapult’s power electronics laboratory is now one of the UK’s most advanced to enable innovation through comprehensive modelling, characterisation, integration and validation facilities for power components, modules and subsystems with higher efficiency and reliability with reduced size, weight and system cost. Part of the Catapult’s investment was in the double pulse test, a standard method in power electronics for silicon, silicon carbide and gallium nitride semiconductors to assess energy loss during device turn-on and turn-off. This test informs power electronics design decisions to optimise reliability, efficiency and thermal management. 

Power lab


Through investment in and development of CSA Catapult’s power electronics equipment and capability:  


UK supply chains

We have supported the creation of supply chains across the UK via the @FutureBEV and ESCAPE projects


20 CR&D projects worth £62m

This capability has been further exploited by over 20 collaborative
research and development projects worth around £62 million, working with a wide range of academia and industry


Leveraged public funding

The companies we have worked with have leveraged public funding of £17.7m since using the power electronics equipment

CSA Catapult’s power electronics lab – UK leader in modelling, characterisation, integration and validation facilities

“Our power electronics lab provides a unique offering to industry. It accelerates the delivery of next generation power electronics technologies vital for Net Zero. Our unrivalled know-how and domain expertise means we can support industry to get products to market quicker.”

Nick Singh, chief technology officer, CSA Catapult 

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