Our expert team at CSA Catapult are a blend of industrial experience and high calibre research and development.

Power Electronics

If breakthroughs in power-system performance are to be made by UK companies, they will need to test the limits of the electrical, thermal and mechanical envelopes, within which compound semiconductor-based power circuits operate. The suite of services provided by CSA Catapult’s Power Electronics laboratories is the country’s most advanced and comprehensive development, test and validation facility for power electronics pioneers.

Power Electronics Team Capabilities:
• Converter Design
• EM Modelling
• Motor Control
• GaN on Silicon
• Wireless Power Converter Design
• Materials and Converter Design
• Characterisation and Modelling
• HIL Control


Photonics engineers are now striving to meet the extreme performance requirements of systems such as LiDAR ranging sensors in autonomous vehicles or surgical robots, or of new tuneable laser sources for use in medical diagnostics and Optical Coherence Technology (OCT).

These leading-edge system development projects can all benefit from the suite of MCIV services and laboratory facilities that CSA Catapult provides for the evaluation and testing of advanced laser source and sensor systems.

Photonics Team Capabilities:
• Technology Roadmapping and Market Analysis
• Optical System Design
• Integrated Photonics Design and Modelling
• Sensing System Design and Development
• Optical Beamsteering
• Custom Test Bench Development
• Advanced Photonic Device EO Characterisation
• High-Speed Optoelectronics Testing
• Photonics System Prototyping
• Life Testing and Accelerated Ageing
• Reliability Studies and Failure Analysis

RF & Microwave

The ultra-high frequency operation enabled by the use of compound semiconductor materials, such as gallium nitride and silicon germanium, is driving manufacturers to explore the use of new devices, new architectures and new packaging techniques.

At the leading edge of this development, CSA Catapult’s RF & Microwave Lab provides the services to accelerate development and optimise system designs.

RF & Microwave Team Capabilities:
• Product Development
• Device Fabrication
• Device Physics
• Device Characterisation
• RF System Engineering
• RX/RX Design
• Antenna Design
• PA Design
• PCB Design

Advanced Packaging

The demanding applications for compound semiconductors make it unusually difficult for packaging engineers to realise the benefits of Advanced Packaging. Compound semiconductors typically operate at very high frequency and temperature. CSA Catapult’s Packaging Lab has the specialist engineering expertise, equipment and portfolio of services to help customers develop packaging designs.

The lab offers cross-disciplinary expertise: it includes specialist thermal, electrical, mechanical and optical engineers dedicated to design, test or assembly.

Advanced Packaging Team Capabilities:
• Fabrication
• Testing
• Microelectronic Package Design
• Materials Characterisation
• Temperature Measurement
• CAD 2D and 3D Modelling

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