KTP Knowledge Base

CSA Catapult are the first Catapult to have been recognised by Innovate UK as a Knowledge Base within the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). A KTP is a three way partnership between an industrial partner, a KB, and a recently graduated associate who is hired by the Knowledge Base, but spends up to 90% of their time working in the industrial partner to aid the flow of knowledge from us to them, on a 1-3 year project. Click here for more information on how to get involved.

Strategic Initiatives to Build Skills for The Industry

Competence Centre for ECPE Network

CSA Catapult is a Competence Centre for The European Centre for Power Electronics (EPCE) Network. The EPCE Network is focused on power electronics industries as an industry-driven research network. The aim of the ECPE Network is to promote education, innovation, science research and technology in power electronics in Europe. As a Competence Centre, our involvement will be through our Innovation Centre where it will be used as a research facility for over 200 network organisations and several joint programmes.  As well as this, we will be collaborating on shared resources, including training and talent acquisition.

STEM Ambassadors

A group of the CSA Catapult team are STEM Ambassadors. They volunteer to help motivate the younger generation in forging a career pathway in either science, technology, engineering or mathematics subjects. Our ambassadors aim to bring these subject areas to life and encourage engagement through a range of activities.