CSA Catapult comment on National Semiconductor Strategy

Date: 19.05.2023

The UK government has today published a National Semiconductor Strategy.

The strategy sets out a vision for the UK to secure areas of world leading strength in the semiconductor technologies of the future by focusing on our strengths in research and development (R&D), design and IP, and compound semiconductors.

Commenting on the publishing of the strategy, Martin McHugh, CEO of CSA Catapult said: “We are pleased to see the UK government lay out its vision for unlocking the huge potential of semiconductors. 


“This is the UK’s first ever national semiconductor strategy, underlining the critical role that semiconductors will play in shaping future technologies, securing national security and stability, and levelling up our communities. 


“It is encouraging to see the strategy focus on the UK’s strengths, such as advanced packaging—where CSA Catapult has significant expertise and capability.


“However, the semiconductor supply chain is global and no country can operate in isolation. The government is right to highlight the importance of forming long-term international partnerships, and the CSA Catapult is well on its way to establishing relationships with key partners.


“The opportunity for a thriving UK semiconductor industry is there for the taking. There are significant opportunities for growth and innovation across the industry with the potential for huge economic benefits by supporting companies, growing jobs and skills across the UK.   


“As the UK’s dedicated Catapult for compound semiconductor technology and applications, we are ready to play our part and offer up our significant expertise and capabilities to ensure the visions outlined in the strategy are realised.”