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CSA Catapult works on a Measurement, Characterisation, Integration and Validation framework throughout its projects and labs.

Photonics Lab

The Photonics Lab’s test station provides a comprehensive set of options for characterising and evaluating new laser source and emitter technologies. This supports product development and supplier quality assessment.

The suite of instruments for characterisation of optical sources ranges from optical spectrum analysers and beam profiling instruments, to electrical power analysers and thermal analysers.

This suite of instruments enables CSA Catapult to provide customers with detailed data about the optical, electrical and thermal behaviour of a die, chip-on-submount, package or system. The equipment can be used for the characterisation of laser or LED-based systems.

The Photonics Lab also performs detailed characterisation of optical sensors, measuring dark signal, noise, saturation, dynamic range and linearity.

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Power Electronics Lab

CSA Catapult’s Power Lab contains a unique combination of high-performance power and thermal analysis instruments. It provides customers with more detailed and accurate measurements of actual device, module or board-level behaviour than can be acquired anywhere in the UK.

The suite of instruments operating in the Power Lab ranges from device power analysers, system power testers and impedance analysers to an automated wafer probe, an advanced temperature source and a thermal cycling tester.

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RF and Microwave Lab

The RF and Microwave Lab’s test station performs high-bandwidth transmitter and receiver characterisation for component and sub-module evaluation, compliance testing and development.

The equipment available for use in characterisation of RF and Microwave devices includes a real-time oscilloscope, an arbitrary waveform generator and a vector network analyser. Test routines performed by the lab include:

• Semi-automatic on-wafer measurements
• High-power connectorized measurements
• High-power pulsed IV testing
• S-parameter testing
• Non-linear characterisation and load pull at up to 40GHz
• Wideband generation and analysis at up to 40GHz

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Advanced Packaging Lab

In CSA Catapult’s Packaging Lab, hardware design engineers optimise the integration of components such as transistors, gate drivers, capacitors and current sensors into a complete, designed-for-manufacturing package. The lab also produces sample units for testing and prototyping purposes.

By drawing on CSA Catapult’s reservoir of skills and expertise in device integration, customers can benefit from a hardware implementation which meets the application’s specifications for EMC, temperature thresholds, and reliability and lifetime, while optimising as required for size, weight, power and/or cost.

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