Our Impact

At total of £12 million won in projects relating to CR&D activities.

The cumulative project value across all CR&D projects that the CSA Catapult is involved in as of December 2022.

CSA Catapult’s current CR&D project pipeline

Over half of our CR&D project partners are academia, enabling us to collaborate with industry.

The current number of collaborations embarked on with academia.

The total, and ever increasing, number of R&D projects CSA Catapult are involved in.

Number of industrial collaborations CSA Catapult are involved in.

Our capabilities are not limited to the UK. Here’s the number of our current international partners.

The impressive number of PhD’s we have within our talented team at CSA Catapult.

Our ever growing team at the Catapult helping to exploit the advances in compound semiconductor technologies and bringing applications to life.

Our team have world-class knowledge with experience from both academic and industry, allowing them to be experts in the field of compound semiconductor technology.

The forecast amount of jobs set to be created and safeguarded as a result of advances in compound semiconductor applications.

The Potential

Discover more about the expertise at CSA Catapult and the important impact of compound semiconductor applications.


Discover the extensive expertise at CSA Catapult that allows us to make this exciting work a reality.

Latest News

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