Challenges are within communication, especially in remote sensing. For example monitoring traffic flow on earth, crop growth and GPS.

Underpinning Technologies

Compound semiconductors are currently being deployed across a rapidly growing number of applications and here at CSA Catapult we are at the forefront of these developments. Space-based applications bring a set of requirements for harsh environments, temperature range, and reliability considerations that can be addressed with compound semiconductors, leveraging our expertise in advanced packaging and harsh environmental and reliability testing.

We can deploy CS in communication, launch, vehicular and on-earth applications where there is an advantage in power efficiency

  • Sensors
    • CS offer unique capabilities for example they are not susceptible to low magnetic field sensitivity or limited temperature ranges of silicon-based sensors
  • 5G/mmWave
    • Next generation of wireless technology for digital communications
    • Distance measurements by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflected light with a sensor
  • Power efficiency
    • Wide Band Gap technology can reduce energy conversion losses by up to 90%
  • Advanced packaging technologies
    • radiation hardened; thermal management
Space Image

What We Offer

Our in-house laboratories and expertise allow us to accelerate design through simulation, integration and validation. Combined with our ability in advanced packaging, thermal management and life-testing with custom report and failure analysis, we are working closely with the space market to leverage the following capabilities:

• Communications – intra vehicular and long-range wireless communications
• Efficient power designs
• Sensing – on-earth traffic flow.


• Advanced Digital Communications
o Cellular V2X (C-V2X)
o IEE 802.11p
o 5G/mmWave
o Gigabit LTE
• Advanced packaging
o Nordson Dage Prospector – first in the world
o Tresky with High Force (Sinter) Die Attach – first in UK
o Hesse Wirebonder with Multi Heads – unique in UK
o Thermal Management
• Cross-catapult and industry partnerships

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