Photonics Design Studio


Modelling Equipment

COMSOL & Ansys

Multiphysics simulation of Photonics modules over integrated mechanical, photonic & thermal test scenarios to get right first time prototypes.


3D mechanical design capture of components and assemblies. Integrated with multiphysics software for an efficient design-simulation process.

Zemax OpticStudio

3D optical system design, analysis & optimisation for right first time optical system prototypes optimised for materials, weight, size and thermal behaviour.


High performance photonic device level modelling to enable the design of photonic integrated chips and components such as waveguides and vertical grating couplers.


Algorithm modelling and signal processing in photonic systems for high speed optical communications, and beam steering simulation.

EM Pro

Accelerated RF circuit design for high speed photonic devices. Linear and non-linear simulation capability, 2.5D EM simulation capability, RF layout design and export support, first time accurate and reliable RF circuit design.