Photonics Evaluation


Validation Equipment

Climatic Chamber

Capability to thermal cycle devices over -70°C to +180 °C Temperature Range with a 10 °C/min Ramp Rate and RH up to 98%. Testing can be performed in combination with the shaker table and devices can be powered up during test.

Shock and Vibration Tester

Capability to test and evaluate resilience and robustness of devices through shock and vibration testing. Vibration range from 5 Hz to 3 kHz with peak sinusoidal acceleration of 100 g and random vibration > 70 g. Shock of 43 kN (over 6 ms half sine).  Testing can be performed in combination with thermal cycling and devices powered up during test.

Accelerated (High Temp) Lifetime Tester and Burn-in

Lifetest for laser diodes, photodetectors and packaged optoelectronic devices. Modules can be reconfigured to accept a variety of device types and through accelerated temperature and operating conditions devices are tested to evaluate failure modes and derive reliability figures from them.

Microscopy and Spectroscopy for Detailed Failure Analysis

Materials preparation tools provide ability to cross-section wafer and packaged devices. Failure analysis provided by microscopy, wide-band FTIR spectroscopy (12,000 – 600 cm-1 with Spectral Resolution 0.16 cm-1) and nm precision interferometry equipment.