Photonics Lab


Characterisation Equipment

Optical Spectrum Analyser

Optical spectrum analyser (350 – 1,750 nm includes full Vis, C, L & O bands) with 50 pm resolution and Dynamic Range >60 dB. Used for WDM analysis, Optical fiber amplifier, DFB/FP LD Analysis, Spectral Width Analysis, Optical Filter Analysis.

Beam Profiling

Free space optical beam analysis. Near field and far field beam profiling and beam quality including M2 measurements.

Laser Diode LIV Test

Electro-optical characterisation of laser diodes and LEDs. Semi-automated LIV tests to analyse optical power, current, voltage performance with threshold current, efficiency and thermal rollover analysis provided. CW and QCW operation available.

High Speed Sampling Scope

High speed device characterisation and signal analysis with single optical channel with 65GHz bandwidth operating over a wavelength range of 1250nm – 1600nm along with a single 95GHz electrical channel.

BERT (Bit Error Rate Tester)

System solution to allow efficient, reliable, and accurate measurements for chip-to-chip, chip-to-module, device, transceiver modules, and sub systems with data rate up to 128 Gbit/s. The system shall be used for efficient test, characterisation, and pre-compliance to the industry emerging standards.

Fibre Splicer

High performance fibre splicer supporting SM, MM, PM fibre types. Dual splice loss estimation, LDF splicing capability, Photonic crystal fibres and fibres with different MFD, Endview observation system.

Automatic and Manual Probe Station

Semi-automated wafer prober for wafer mapping and bare die measurements with high-frequency probe tips, thermal chuck -60 to +200C and built-in integrated sphere for optical measurements.