Advanced Packaging Lab


Characterisation Equipment

Form 3 3D printer

Polymer 3D printing.

Hesse BJ653 manual/semi-automatic, multipurpose wire bonder

The system allows manual and automated wire/ribbon bonding for wire gauges from 12.5um Gold or Aluminium to 600um Aluminium wire, as well as up to 2mm wide ribbon bonding, to meet a variety or RF, Photonics and Power packaging needs.

Tresky T-3002-PRO + High Pressure Sinter attachment

The system allows manual die attach/die bonding for experimentation and low volume prototype builds. This provides capability for high/low pressure Sintering, Eutectic, ultrasonic bonding as well as epoxy die attach. It also supports Flip Chip and Clip bonding with high accuracy alignment capability down to +/- 1 micron.

Nordson-DAGE “Prospector” Universal Micro Materials Test System

The system allows advanced bond and material testing, shear tests up to 200kg, pull tests up to 100kg and push tests up to 50kg. It also performs high accuracy optical inspection, Stress (Bend) test, scratch test, Bend and Twist, Creep and Thermal Stress tests for complete assembly characterisation.