Advanced Packaging

Innovative packaging solutions through package design & modelling, micro assembly and rapid prototyping

Enabling the development of next level integration technologies combining design and advanced interconnects.

The Team

The Advanced Packaging team has been established to address the assembly and packaging challenges in compound semiconductor device and system development. The ISO Class 7 clean room provides the optimum environment for low-volume semiconductor assembly process, product development and scale-up services.

Our Advanced Packaging engineers currently focus on packaging solutions for Power Electronics, RF and Photonics. Our expertise can transform customer ideas into proof of concepts/prototypes, helping to launch them to market effectively and quickly.

Capabilities & Processes

CSA Catapult’s Packaging Lab deploys cutting-edge equipment and techniques in assembling customers’ prototypes.

o Package Design: Die, Module and System Level
o Co-design : Die-Package-Board-Module
o Design for Manufacturing (DfM)
o Multiphysics Simulation and Modelling: Mechanical. Thermal, Electrical and Stress
o Thermal Management: Passive and Active Cooling Solutions
o Thermal Characterisation
o Manufacturing Process Development

By using the lab’s assembly facilities, customers can verify a design, anywhere from proof-of-concept stage up to a final production unit. Capabilities of the prototype assembly service include:

o Advanced Die Attach
o Flip Chip Bonding
o 3D Chip Stacking
o Multi-Purpose Wire Bonding
o Clip & Ribbon Bonding
o Assembly Process Testing
o Rapid Prototyping (3D-CAD, 3D printing)

Design Tools & Equipment Design Tools & Equipment
Power Packaging

Power Packaging

Novel packaging techniques are required to unleash the potential of SiC and gallium nitride (GaN) compound semiconductor power device applications in hybrid and electric vehicles, power conversion and energy management. The high power and high-density power electronics packages need efficient and reliable electrical, thermal and mechanical solutions to meet the performance requirements.

Utilising the team’s expertise in device integration, the power electronic package requirements are met through comprehensive package design, modelling and advanced assembly processes. The resulting hardware implementation meets the application’s specifications for EMC, temperature thresholds, and reliability and lifetime, while optimising as required for size, weight, power and/or cost. The Packaging Lab capability provides sample units for testing and prototyping purposes that optimise the integration of components such as transistors, gate drivers, capacitors and current sensors into a complete, designed-for manufacturing package solution.

Photonics Packaging

Emerging photonic technologies demand sub-micron alignment and placement accuracy for optical components in packages integrated with effective thermal management solutions for optimal performance. Packaging components and systems for photonics applications require a wide range of expertise to develop designs incorporating tight tolerance optical and electrical interconnects, aligning and bonding optoelectronic components with specialist assembly materials, epoxies and sealants in a highly stable package housing.

The CSA Catapult's Packaging team brings a wealth of specialist materials, process and assembly expertise in optoelectronic system integration to support a wide variety of photonics applications in markets such as Automotive, Medical diagnostics and Defence. Our design for manufacturing process ensures the sample performance and cost as per the customer expectations.

RF & Microwave Packaging

The challenges in RF and Microwave system packaging involve the development of packaging capabilities to deal with sensitive high-frequency electronics. Expert knowledge in package materials, interface needs, assembly techniques and thermal management is essential to develop highly reliable packaging for RF technology innovations.

The RF & Microwave design experts in CSA Catapult’s Packaging Team apply their specialist knowledge for shaping the package with matched impedance to accomplish the desired signal transmission/reception performances and reliability. The Packaging Lab capability supports the designs with a range of functional interconnects including, die-attach, Flip chip, Stripline/Ribbon bonding and Thermal Management.

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