The challenge we face in transportation is one of electrification which is crucial for the move towards Net Zero. Electrification will utilize 5G, improve safety and achieve intelligent mobility.

Underpinning Technologies

Compound semiconductors are currently being deployed across a rapidly growing number of applications and here at CSA Catapult we are the forefront of these developments. These include:

  • Electric and hybrid-electric vehicle motors and chargers
  • Auxiliary electric motors in conventional aircraft
  • Novel electric propulsion technologies for aircraft
  • RADAR for ADAS and autonomous vehicles
  • LIDAR for autonomous vehicles


What we Offer

At CSA Catapult our world-class capabilities in test engineering, simulation, packaging and layout and validation enable you to:

  • Accelerate the system design process to shorten time-to-market
  • Optimise product functions, features or costs
  • Successfully meet design specifications for performance, reliability, lifetime and cost to maximise the chances of commercial success
Transportation Image


Whether the goal of your concept is to improve efficiency, reduce system size or weight, cut system cost, or offer new value in performance or features, CSA Catapult’s capabilities can help you in the process of turning your idea into a close to market application.

The transportation market will have wide adoption of compound semiconductors supported by all of the technology areas of CSA Catapult including Power Electronics, RF, and Photonics.


The Catapult can work on both collaborative R&D projects, and direct engagement in the following areas:

  • For the development of GaN, GaAs or SiC transistor-based designs
  • Consultancy, engineering, and modelling/validation of power electronics design projects
  • Development of enhanced laser beam generation, steering systems and enhanced IR sensors
  • Development of LIDAR emitter evaluation modules
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