Power Design Studio


Modelling Equipment

COMSOL & Ansys

Multiphysics simulation of power modules over integrated mechanical, electrical & thermal test scenarios to get first time right prototypes.


3D mechanical design capture of power electronic components and assemblies. Integrated with multiphysics software for an efficient design-simulation process.

Keysight IC-CAP

Integrated circuit characterisation & analysis enabling accurate semiconductor models of wafers, die, device, & module that enable system level design.

Keysight ADS

Robust & reliable circuit, PCB & system hardware design optimised for power & EMC, including using models from IC-CAP.


Integrated PCB schematic capture, design & population with 3D models for functionally correct export directly to PCB manufacture.

Matlab & Simulink

Mathematical and algorithm modelling tool enabling high accuracy characterisation and extraction of power semiconductors, devices and modules.


Spice based electrical modelling and simulation software.