Power Electronics

Designing for high efficiency by targeting reduced size, lower weight, higher power and lower system cost.

CSA Catapult's Power Electronics laboratory is one of the country’s most advanced and comprehensive modelling, characterisation, integration and validation facilities for power electronics innovation.

Power Design Studio - Modelling

The Design Studio gives customers access to the industry’s most advanced and sophisticated software tools for modelling the thermal and electrical behaviour of GaN or SiC devices, as well as access to modelling engineers with world-class expertise in their use.

By modelling parameters such as response to transient voltage events, parasitic inductances and capacitances, and the spread and intensity of hot-spots, CSA Catapult enables power system designers to make informed decisions about architectures, devices and operating limits before making costly commitments to hardware development.

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Power Lab - Characterisation

CSA Catapult’s Power Lab contains a unique combination of high performance power and thermal analysis instruments. It provides customers with more detailed and accurate measurements of actual device, module or board-level behaviour than can be acquired anywhere in the UK.

This suite of instruments enables CSA Catapult to provide customers with detailed data about the behaviour of an off-the-shelf transistor or other device, or of a custom module or system, under a range of operating conditions that the customer specifies.

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Power Packaging - Integration

The Design Studio and Power Lab help customers to choose the right device and develop their power circuit with confidence.

In CSA Catapult’s Packaging Lab, hardware design engineers optimise the integration of components such as transistors, gate drivers, capacitors and current sensors into a complete, designed-for-manufacturing package. The lab also produces sample units for testing and prototyping purposes.

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Power Evaluation - Validation

Equipment in the lab includes internal physical inspection equipment, vibration tester, accelerated lifetime testers, and power cycling testers operating at up to 1,800A.

The Evaluation Lab can generate comprehensive reports on thermal resistance, environmental and lifetime tests, failure analyses, insulation tests and mechanical data. This is a comprehensive suite of UK resources for validating pre-compliance of compound semiconductor-based systems prior to certification and release to end user.

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