Power Lab


Characterisation Equipment

Keysight B1505A and accessories for Wide Band Gap device characterisation

Parametric Power Semiconductor Analyser for discrete device and power module electrical characterisation. IV/CV measurements up to 10kV and 1500A. Includes Current collapse upgrade for GaN Dynamic RDS(on) measurement.

Intest Thermostream

Temperature forcing system for B1505A parametric analyser. Forced air temperature range of -80 to 300degC. 15degC/s ramp rate.

MPI TS2000-HP Probe Station

Semi-automated wafer prober for wafer mapping and bare die measurements up to 10kV and 400A.

Double-Pulse Test Rig

In-house test rig for double-pulse test measurements of power semiconductors. Currently rated for measurements up to 1kVDC and 1kA. Used in conjunction with high bandwidth measurement equipment.

High Bandwidth power measurement hardware

Tektronix MSO58 1GHz 8-channel oscillscope, 1x Iso-vu TIVH 800MHz and 2x TIVM 1GHz optically isolated probes, 3x PEM 50MHz CWT Ultra-mini Rogowski current probes, 3x Tektronix TCP0150 20MHZ 150A AC/DC current probes, 2x Tektronix TCP0030A 150MHz 30A AC/DC current probes.

Keysight AC6804A AC Source

Keysight Technologies AC6804A Basic AC Power Source, 4000 VA, 270 V, 20A.

Bi-directional AC Sources

ETPS EAC-ACS-4Q: 2x50kVA modular Grid-Tied AC sources. Full 4-quadrant 3-phase operation. Up to 5kHZ bandwidth, 305Vrms, 144Arms per phase.

Frequency Response Analyser

Newton’s 4th LTD (N4L) – PSM3750 + IAI2 Impedance/frequency response analyzer and HF010m current shunt.

Waveform Generator

Keysight Technologies 33522B 30MHz,2CH,Function/Arb Waveform Gen.

DC Electronic Loads

GW Instek: PEL-3032E 300W, 500V, 1ch, programmable. Elektro-Automatik: EA-EL 9750-25 Electronic Load, 2.4kW, 750V.

High Voltage DC Sources

Magna-Power 2kV and 6kV bench-top DC sources. XR2000-1.0/240SP+HS+LXI and XR6000-0.33/240SP.


12 channels, 1.8kA max load current automated failure detection based on UCE, ⧍Tj, Tjmax, Rth increase 1 us Voltage measurement time base gate driving voltage -10V to +20V

Power Analyser

2x N4L PPA5530 Precision Power Analysers including high accuracy current transducers for 6-Channel measurements.

EMC Pre-compliance

Detectus RSE644 flat-bed EMC and heat scanner. CNC-controlled near-field measurements up to 3GHz for B and E fields. Temperature measurement up to 500degC.

General purpose equipment

A number of 6.5 digit multimeters, isolated oscilloscope, bench DC power supplies, soldering and rework stations.

High Current DC Source

ETPS: LAB-HP 2020; 1000A 20V DC Power Supply.