CSA Catapult

CSA Catapult was established to help the UK become a global leader in compound semiconductors through collaboration with both large companies, and start-ups to develop and commercialise new applications utilising this technology.

Our Technology Background

Compound semiconductor devices have the potential to transform the world of technology in the 2020s as radically as the silicon transistor did in the 1960s and 1970s. In the fields of power electronics and radio frequency systems, compound semiconductor devices can enable product manufacturers to achieve dramatic improvements in performance, size, weight, cost and power. In photonics, compound semiconductors provide unique emitter and detector functions to enhance sensor capability.

Compound semiconductor technology has such potential that it has triggered a cascade of innovative developments at UK companies and research institutes. But the market for compound semiconductors is so new that the infrastructure, systems and processes for realising a concept in the form of a working prototype or a complete system board have not been readily available to UK companies.

Our Purpose

The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult’s purpose is to deliver long-term benefit to the UK economy and accelerate UK economic growth in industries where applying compound semiconductors creates a competitive advantage and enables new products or end markets. Compound semiconductors bring many advantages in size, weight and performance when used in systems. Typically they have a much wider bandgap compared to silicon which allows devices to operate at much higher voltages, frequencies and temperatures to power the essential technologies of the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is for the UK to become a global leader in developing and commercialising new applications for compound semiconductors. How do we aim to do this? Through the knowledge and expertise of our talented team based at our world-class Innovation Centre, based at the heart of the compound semiconductor cluster in Newport, South Wales.


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