Supporting customers’ breakthroughs in optical sensitivity and beam control.

Demand in fast-growing application domains such as transportation, medical diagnostics and quantum computing are driving a new wave of product development which stretches the limits of existing devices’ performance. Photonics engineers are now striving to meet the extreme performance requirements of systems such as LIDAR ranging sensors in autonomous vehicles or surgical robots.

Photonics Design Studio - Modelling

The Photonics Design Studio contains a suite of optical, thermal, structural and electromagnetic simulation tools to enable customers to refine their design in software before committing to a hardware design.

Modelling tools available for users of the Design Studio include Zemax for optical modelling, SolidWorks for mechanical design and Comsol for thermal design.

Tools Tools

Photonics Lab - Characterisation

The Photonics Lab’s test station provides a comprehensive set of options for characterising and evaluating new laser source and
emitter technologies. This supports product development and supplier quality assessment.

The suite of instruments for characterisation of optical sources ranges from optical spectrum analysers and beam profiling instruments to electrical power analysers and thermal analysers.

Instruments Instruments

Photonics Packaging - Integration

The more extreme demands on photonics systems in applications such as ADAS and surgical robots give rise to greater thermal, mechanical and electrical stresses in source and sensor assemblies.

The Packaging Lab at CSA Catapult brings decades of specialist expertise in system integration to get the cutting-edge product developments under way in markets such as automotive, medical diagnostics and defence equipment.

Photonics Evaluation - Validation

CSA Catapult’s Evaluation Lab validates whether source or detector modules or systems are ready for operation in application conditions.

Harsh and accelerated test equipment assures the developer of the device’s lifetime, reliability, and tolerance of extremes of temperature, mechanical stress and electromagnetic interference.

State-of-the-art equipment available to users of CSA Catapult’s Evaluation Lab includes a combined climatic chamber and shock and vibration tester, an accelerated (high temperature) lifetime tester for optical components in chip or package format, and advanced microscopy and spectroscopy equipment for detailed failure analysis.

Equipment Equipment

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