Defence & Security

The challenges for defence and security are secure communications, transportation and efficient energy management.

Underpinning Technologies

Compound Semiconductors are currently being deployed across a rapidly growing number of applications and here at CSA Catapult we are at the forefront of these developments. Defence and security applications bring a set of requirements for harsh environments, temperature range, and reliability considerations that can be addressed with compound semiconductors leveraging our expertise in advanced packaging and harsh environmental and reliability testing.

• Sensors
o CS offer unique capabilities for example they are not susceptible to low magnetic field sensitivity or the limited temperature ranges of silicon-based sensors
• 5G/mmWave
o Next generation of wireless technology for digital communications
o Distance measurements by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflected light with a sensor
• Power efficiency
o Wide Band Gap technology can reduce energy conversion losses by up to 90%
• Advanced packaging technologies
o Radiation hardened; thermal management

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What We Offer

Our in-house laboratories and expertise allows us to accelerate design through simulation, integration and validation. Combined with our ability in advanced packaging, thermal management and life-testing with custom report and failure analysis, we are working closely with the defence and security markets to leverage the following capabilities:

  • LIDAR Evaluation Module
    • quickly enabling you to evaluate a complete UK-based supply chain within a technology demonstrator allowing rapid prototyping of systems
  • Advanced Digital communications
    • Cellular V2X (C-V2X)
    • IEE 802.11p
    • 5G/mmWave
    • Gigabit LTE
  • Advanced packaging
    • Nordson Dage Prospector – first in the world
    • Tresky with High Force (Sinter) Die Attach – first in UK
    • Hesse Wirebonder with Multi Heads – unique in UK
    • Thermal Managment
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