Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) have been designed to bring long-lasting benefits to companies and their partners by driving innovation and collaboration through the sharing of capabilities and resources. We're delighted to be the first Catapult to be recognised as a Knowledge Base within the KTP.

How can the Catapult Knowledge Base help me?

For Businesses

  • Help your business thrive by gaining access to academic expertise and capabilities in-house.
  • Improve your productivity and knowledge as a company become more competitive within your industry and market.
  • Innovate UK will take care of 70% of the partnership meaning you only have to contribute 30% of the cost.

For Academics

  • Gather insight into business requirements and have the opportunity to advance your research skills.
  • By gaining more experience you may be inspired to work on new project and publish research papers plus you will have evidence of impact while undertaking research during the project in a real-world setting.

For Graduates

  • Gain dedicated mentoring from an expert academic team while gaining experience from working on high profile projects.
  • Have the opportunity to gain a professional qualification/higher degree during your placement.

(Did you know that over 70% of graduates are offered full-time employment at the end of a KTP?)

Work With Us

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can work together as part of a KTP.

Delivering Impact

When you collaborate with us as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, we will add expertise and knowledge to your company and help to drive innovation throughout your projects.

You will have the opportunity to tap into our resources and capabilities to power-up your productivity.

Advancing skills

We know how important it is to drive productivity in your company, and sometimes this can be difficult to achieve without the right resources.

When you take part in a KTP, you will gain access to a wealth of expertise and knowledge to help assist with your innovation project. The best part? You’ll have a dedicated in-house resource, for a fraction of the cost, to help your company progress and achieve its goals.

How To Become a Partner With Us


  • Work with us to research dates for potential projects via KTP dates and deadlines
  • Work together with us and the local Knowledge Transfer Advisor on the application
  • The application should include: objectives, proposed tasks, deliverables for the associate.


  • Our application will be assessed by an independent group of assessors.
  • We will be notified within 12 weeks of submission.
  • If the application is successful, the associate recruitment process can begin.


  • The project can last between 12-36 months, depending on the project requirements.
  • The joint partnership will have 9 months to recruit an associate.
  • The KTP project can then begin.

Let's Work Together

KTPs help develop relationships with businesses which lead to interactions such as increased collaboration and commercial investment. They also demonstrate growth of businesses through intervention such as demonstrating capabilities and showcasing facilities.